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Levofloxacin for the Treatment of Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia Patients with Risk Factors for Complications (Bacteremia and/or Sepsis)

Pierre Veyssier, MD
Medecine Interne, Centre Hospitalier de Compiegne, Compiegne, France

Levofloxacin monotherapy is an attractive option for the treatment of community- acquired pneumonia patients with serious disease. It has excellent antibacterial pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic features, which provide important advantages, and it is well tolerated. The lack of significant drug-drug interactions is also very advantageous for levofloxacin, as many of the patients who present with serious disease have co- existing disease or morbidities, which result in them taking a range of different agents. Levofloxacin has proven itself to be a preferred option compared to combination therapy with a -lactam plus macrolide, as it is either more or equally as effective, better tolerated and a more cost-effective option.

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