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Literature Search is comprised of two search pages and two kinds of results page. The two search pages are Category Search and Keyword Search and these are used to search the Literature Search database.

The results of any initial search can be seen first as a brief list of Titles, Authors and the Journals in which the articles appear. From there a more detailed description of articles can be viewed.

Category Search

All articles in the Literature Search database are classified into both general and more specific sub-categories. All records in specific categories or sub-categories can be viewed by clicking the button next to each category. Clicking this button initiates a search for all records in that category or sub-category.

The results are then displayed. The number of results returned is set at a default maximum value of 25. This can be changed by setting the "Show __ records per page" choice. A larger number of records returned on a page means results take longer to appear, so please be patient.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search finds particular words or phrases within the articles contained in the Literature Search Database. Up to three words or phrases can be entered in the spaces provided and, by specifying in which field and what Boolean operator ("AND", "OR" or "NOT") to use, sophisticated searches can be constructed in order to find the most relevant articles.

Each phrase can be searched in a specific field or across all fields by using the choice element labeled "Search In".

For wildcard searches the character * can be used.

To combine phrases into more complex searches, choose "AND", "OR" or "NOT" from the choices adjacent to the last two text input areas. For example, if the desired result from the search is "Everything in the database that does not include tuberculosis in the title", enter an "*" in the first text input area, select NOT as the first Boolean operator, enter tuberculosis in the second text input area, and select title from the choice options.

Although the results shown as part of Literature Search are in English, it is also possible to search the database by specifying the original language of the article you are looking for.

Changing the year range will further restrict the search. The default range setting from the year of the earliest article in the database to the current year.

The maximum number of records returned can be specified, as in Category Search.

Search Results

After searching with Keyword Search or Category Search, the Serial Number, Title, Author and Journal Name of all suitable records are shown. If there are no suitable records then instructions to redo the search are shown. At the top of the screen is an indication of the total number of matching records and those records currently displayed. If there are more matches than records being shown then the "Next" link at the bottom of the page can be clicked to see the next set of records. Where appropriate, a "Previous" link is shown. The full set of records can therefore be seen using the "Next" and "Previous" links.

There is a check box next to each record's Serial Number. Checking this check box and clicking the "View Selected Records" button shows the detailed results for that record. Checking more than one check box gives multiple results.

To see full details of all records displayed on the Search Results page click on the "View All Records" button.

Detailed Results

The Detailed Results page shows all information from the Literature Search database related to the selected records. After seeing the Detailed Results page use your browser's "Back" button to return to the Search Results page or click on the Keyword / Category Search links to begin a new search.

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