AECB - Defining the diagnosis
Q01 Defining AECB
Q02 Epidemiological profile of AECB

Antimicrobial therapy for AECB
Q03 Benefits of antimicrobial therapy
Q04 Treatment with antibiotics
Q05 Considerations when choosing antimicrobials

Causes of AECB
Q06 Major causes of AECB
Q07 Etiological pathogens by GOLD severity stage

Therapeutic guidelines and considerations
Q08 Activity profiles of antibiotics by class
Q09 Therapeutic guidelines for AECB
Q10 The role of older antibiotics
Q11 Therapeutic considerations when treating AECB
Q12 Fluoroquinolones for AECB

AECB clinical trials and recent results
Q13 Outcome measures for AECB clinical trials
Q14 Levofloxacin vs. clarithromycin study overview
Q15 Study results
Q16 Cost-effectiveness of fluoroquinolones for AECB

Safety, treatment duration and concerns
Q17 Safety considerations of antibiotic treatment
Q18 Treatment duration
Q19 Remaining problems for physicians treating AECB


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