Preclinical scientific rationale for High-Dose Levofloxacin Dose Schedule
Q01 What is the scientific rationale for using 750mg levofloxacin in CAP?
Q02 What are the PK/PD differences between the 500mg and 750mg dose?
Q03 How do the PK/PD features of the 750mg dose result in microbiological effects?
Q04 What clinical benefits are derived from the PK/PD features of the 750 mg dose?

Results of Clinical studies investigating High-Dose Levofloxacin
Q05 Summary of clinical studies investigating 750mg dose
Q06 Comparison between 750mg levofloxacin and other FQ in CAP
Q07 Comparison between 750mg levofloxacin and other non-FQ comparator agents in CAP.

Clinical Advantages Associated with High-Dose Levofloxacin in CAP
Q08 What effect does high-dose levofloxacin have on duration of therapy?
Q09 Does the High-Dose schedule have an effect on the development of resistance?
Q10 Effect of High-Dose therapy on Compliance
Q11 Advantages of Shorter Duration of IV therapy
Q12 Who should be treated with high-dose levofloxacin?

Safety Issues Relating to High-Dose Levofloxacin
Q13 What is the safety profile of the 750mg schedule?
Q14 Are there any patient groups in whom high-dose therapy is contraindicated?
Q15 Differences in the safety profile of 750mg levofloxacin versus other FQ?

Non-Clinical Advantages of High-Dose Levofloxacin in CAP
Q16 Cost-effectiveness benefits of the high-dose strategy


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