Answer 11: Advantages of Shorter Duration of IV therapy

20 June, 2018



Optimal treatment can have positive effects on patient outcomes, patient convenience, treatment costs, and resistance rates. Currently, evidence suggests that following guidelines and critical pathways and providing appropriate antibiotic treatment of CAP can reduce overall costs and the length of stay in hospital, in addition to improving patient outcome (14, 15).Because patients’ antibiotic treatment, time to onset of symptom relief, and time to complete resolution of symptoms, short course, once-daily dosing has been shown to be more effective in meeting patients’Another potential advantage of shorter course levofloxacin therapy is the reduction of total drug exposure since the total amount of drug administered in the 750 mg for 5 days regimen is less than 500 mg for 10 days. This may contribute positively toward both the total cost and exposure to the drug (i.e., resistance). In addition, the reduced drug exposure will potentially reduce adverse effects.