Levofloxacin: a Mainstay of Fluoroquinolone-Based Therapy-After Twenty Years of Use, Levofloxacin Remains Safe and Effective

29 March, 2014

Fluoroquinolones are among the most widely used and most effective antibacterial agents in the world, with levofloxacin seen as one of the safest of these agents currently available. With an extensive and long-term history of use, levofloxacin is exceptional in maintaining a broad spectrum of activity, being particularly useful against urinary and respiratory pathogens. Recently, there has been a reassessment of fluoroquinolones, with some concerns raised about the safety of these agents. In order to look at the validity of these concerns, a recent meeting of 3 international experts was held on June 8, 2013, in Yokohama, Japan, during the 28th International Congress of Chemotherapy and Infection (ICC). The moderator of the session, Professor Kurt G. Naber, Germany, Prof. Rafael Cantón, Spain, and Emeritus Prof. Lionel A. Mandell, Canada, reviewed and discussed the latest safety and efficacy data. They concluded that even after 20 years of continuous use since it was first launched, levofloxacin remains one of the most clinically useful mainstays of fluoroquinolone-based therapy.